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It’s not just health care, it’s life care!

There are a few different ways of getting health insurance in the State of California, here are some of the most common ways to get insured:

1. Through your employer, sometimes known as an employer-sponsored health plan

2. Though your spouse or parent’s plan health insurance plan

3. Though an invidiual family plan, in which there are two ways to get coverage: firstly directly through the health insurance company and secondly, through the state health insurance exchange, or Covered California. For more information about Covered California, click here.

Covered California makes it simple and more affordable for millions of Californians to get affordable, quality health insurance. Covered California offers a range of plans so consumers can choose the one that best meets their health needs and financial situation.

If you do not have health insurance, you can usually enroll during open enrollment (either at work or through the invididual family market). If you have a qualifying life event, you can sometimes qualify for a special enrollment period. During the times of the ongoing pandemic, the State of California has implemented some special enrollment periods for many Californians. Click here for more information about special enrollment periods.

Contact us at (626)399-7082 to see if you qualify for a health insurance plan through Covered California. If you want a health insurance plan directly with the health insurance company, we can help with that too. Just fill out our contact form to the right or call us for help.

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