If you enrolled in a health plan with Covered California and are unfamiliar with filing your taxes, you’ve probably heard about the 1095-A form, but what is it exactly?

According to the Covered California website, here’s the answer:

“You will need your Form 1095-A when you prepare your federal income tax return.

Your Form 1095-A shows the amount the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) paid to your insurance company to lower the cost of your health coverage. The amount paid was based on the most recent household size and income information you provided to Covered California. If that information changed during the year and you did not report the change to Covered California, you may have paid too much or too little for your health coverage.”

Now Where Can I Get It?

  1. If you chose to receive mail correspondence from Covered California, you’ll get it in the mail from Covered California.  But wait, I didn’t choose to receive mailed correspondence, what do I do?
  2. You call your Covered California Certified Insurance Agent to ask them to send the 1095-A form to you.  But wait, I didn’t enroll with a Covered California Certified Insurance Agent, what do I do?
  3. You call Covered California’s consumer line at 1(800)300-1506 and wait for a service representative to help you.

If you don’t want to be placed on hold by the Covered California consumer line for a long time, it’s best to have a Certified Insurance Agent work with you.  Working with a Covered California Certified Insurance Agent can help streamline the process for you with assistance such as:

  1. Helping with your application
  2. Discussing possible subsidies for you/your household
  3. Discussing coverage and benefits
  4. Help with getting your 1095-A Form at the time of tax season…and more!

The best part is that it doesn’t cost extra to have a Covered California Certified Insurance Agent help you!  Yes, IT DOESN’T COST EXTRA AND YOU GET PERSONALIZED ASSISTANCE.  You don’t have to call into a 1-800 number and talk to a different service representative each time.

Remember: For tax years 2022 and 2023, you will not get a separate state tax form (Form FTB 3895).

“These forms are used when you file your federal and state tax returns to:

  • Calculate your tax refund or credit or the tax amount you owe.
  • Show that you were insured so that you don’t pay a state penalty for the months you were covered.”

If you don’t already have a Covered California Certified Insurance Agent, feel free to reach out to us at  (626)399-7082.

Disclaimer: We are not tax professionals, medical professionals, or lawyers offering tax, medical, or legal advice. This blog post and all content from our website are purely for educational purposes. Please consult the California Franchise Tax Board, the Internal Revenue Service, or a tax advisor if you have questions about your specific forms, penalty amount, or tax return. Please consult your financial advisor or insurance agent if you have one.  Full disclaimer here: disclaimer.

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